General Information

Please Read the BioImaging Center Policies. If you are not directly responsible for account payment, please be sure that this information is passed on to the relevant account administrator for your lab prior to use.

Usage Types:

  • Supervised or Training– Usage of an instrument with staff supervision.  This includes staff training users, supervising a session with a user or examining samples without a user present.
  • Unsupervised– A user who has received multiple training sessions by staff on the proper usage of equipment and is able to work independently without staff supervision.  The time required to become an unsupervised user depends on the instrument and the user’s competency as determined by BioImaging staff.
  • Unsupervised (Off Hours)– The BioImaging Center has expert staff from 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday.  Some instruments have separate off-hour rates for users who have undergone training.

Usage Rates:

  • Academic– These rates are for academic institutions, such as Universities and Colleges.
  • Industry– Companies
  • University of Delaware– Users at the University of Delaware receive subsidized rates when using a UD purpose code.