Electron Microscopy

Zeiss Libra 120 Transmission Electron Microscope

The Zeiss LIBRA 120 transmission electron microscope (TEM) is an energy filtering TEM  with a Gatan Ultrascan 1000 2k x 2k CCD camera.  The energy filter and slit aperture provide high contrast of stained and unstained specimens and permit elemental analysis (EELS/ESI), particularly of light elements. Furthermore, the system is capable of  electron tomography to create high resolution 3D reconstructions of submicron volumes.  The Libra 120 is  equipped with a Gatan cryo-holder, cryo-transfer station, and dry pumping station for cryo-TEM of aqueous suspensions.

System Specifications:

  • Köehler illumination system
  • Accelerating Voltage: 80-120kV
  • Point-to-Point Resolution: 0.34 nm
  • In-column OMEGA energy filter with <1.5 eV energy resolution
  • +/- 75° Tilt range
  • Standard, high tilt, and cryo holders
  • Gatan Ultrascan 1000 CCD camera

Location: DBI 117E

Hitachi S4700 Scanning Electron Microscope

The Hitachi S4700 Scanning Electron Microscope is a field-emission SEM. The system is equipped with a Gatan Alto 2500 cryo-system for imaging frozen hydrated samples. Elemental analysis through EDS is also possible using an Oxford Inca X-act detector.
Location: DBI 117F