Sample Preparation

Pelco EasiGlow Glow Discharge Unit

Since the support films on TEM grids are naturally hydrophobic, the glow discharge system is used to deposit a charge onto TEM grids.  The charge renders the grids hydrophilic and allowing an aqueous solution of particles to spread uniformly and adhere to the grid surface. The unit greatly facilitates projects requiring negative staining or cryo-TEM.

Location: DBI 117J


Leica EM ACE 600

The Leica EM Ace 600 is a high vacuum film deposition system for coating samples for scanning electron microscopy.  The system is configured for carbon coating via carbon thread and sputtering with a platinum target.

Location: DBI 117J



Leica EM PACT High Pressure Freezer

The Leica EM PACT freezes a specimen with a jet of liquid nitrogen as it is pressurized to 2100 bar. Under such conditions, the freezing point of water is depressed, and the rate of ice crystal growth is decreased, allowing up to 600 microns of the specimen to become vitrified. High pressure freezing followed by freeze substitution overcomes many of the disadvantages of conventional chemical fixation and leads to better structural preservation.

Location: DBI 117J

Leica AFS

The Leica EM AFS performs automated freeze substitution and progressive lowering of temperature (PLT) techniques and allows low temperature embedding and polymerization of resins.

Location: DBI 117J

Leica CPC

The Leica CPC is a multipurpose cryo-workstation that has attachments for metal mirror freezing and plunge freezing of TEM grids and specimen pins. The system is equipped with high purity, research grade ethane for preparation of aqueous solutions of particles for cryo-TEM.

Location: DBI 117Z

Leica EM KMR2 Knife Maker

The Leica EM KMR2 allows users to make glass knives for ultramicrotomy.

Location: DBI 117G


Leica EM IGL

The Leica EM IGL is a device that automates immunogold labeling with little user intervention.  Up to 99 different programs can be loaded into the system.  Drops of reagents (block, buffer, antibodies, etc.) are pipette onto teflon coated slides, and nickel grids (up to 24) are loaded onto a magnetic grid holder.  Upon starting a program, the reagents on the slides are brought into contact with the grids and incubated for the duration defined by the program.

Location: DBI 117Z

Pelco Biowave Microwave Tissue Processor

The Pelco Biowave allows rapid sample processing through the use of microwaves.  The system can be configured for tissue processing, immunolabeling, and decalcification.

Location: DBI 147

 Autosamdri-815 B Critical Point Dryer

The Tousimis Autosamdri-815B is a fully automated, large format critical point dryer with a 4.5 inch inner diameter and 1.25 inch chamber depth, which allows for processing large batches of samples for scanning electron microscopy.

Location: DBI 117J