I’m a new user to the BioImaging Center. How do I get started?

    • First read the Bioimaging center Rates and Fees and Policies.
    • Register with the Bioimaging Center web calendar.  Click here to register. If you run into any problems registering, please refer to this guide. Bio-imaging Center iLabs Registration Guide
    • Contact BioImaging Staff.  Please contact the BioImaging staff members who will be able to help you with your project.  BioImaging staff will be able to coordinate a training session or a time to receive and image samples.  In some cases, staff may recommend scheduling a meeting to discuss your project prior to making an appointment.

How do I register with the BioImaging web-calendar?

I’m having trouble scheduling my appointment. What now?

  • From the scheduling calendar look for the blue HELP link on the upper right-hand side. Click this and a customer support representative should get back to you.

How do I know which microscope will work best for my project?

  • Ask! The BioImaging staff are here to help you with all aspects of your project. We can help you choose the best instrument for your needs and help you with experimental design and sample preparation.

I want to test a particular reagent on my samples, but I don’t want to purchase an entire vial. What do I do?

  • Check out our stock center on the BioImaging iLabs calendar. We carry aliquots of many reagents including fluorescent dyes, secondary antibodies, and fixatives. You’ll be able to test a new reagent on your samples, saving you time and money. The Bioimaging Imaging Stock Center is located in APB 141. To order a supply, login to your BioImaging iLabs account, go to Request Services and initiate a request for the supplies you need. Supplies can be picked up in APB 141. We do not ship them to you.

Do I have to supply my own consumables?

  • Yes, if they are project specific. The Bioimaging Center offers a small stock center of frequently used microscopy supplies. Go to the BioImaging iLabs calendar to see items currently available in the stock center.

Can I get trained on the weekends?

  • Unfortunately, the BioImaging staff are only available on weekdays from 9am-5pm for training and supervised appointment.

How do I cite my microscopy work for publication?

How do I transfer my data off the microscope computers?

  • The BioImaging Center does not allow the use of personal USB drives in our systems. Please transfer your data using the Data Transfer Server. Instructions to set up the server on your computer can be found here.