• Staff are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday to assist supervised users.
    To work outside these hours, users must receive sufficient training from BioImaging staff to become an unsupervised user.


  • Appointments on the confocal microscopes between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri are limited to no more than 3 hours per user per day. For instance, it is not possible to reserve from 9 am to 1 pm, but 3 pm-7 pm is allowed.
  • For live cell experiments using the incubation chamber, it is allowed to reserve up to 5 hours consecutively between 9am-5pm M-F. The time needed to heat/cool the chamber is included in the reserved time. Allocate one hour for the optics to cool down at the end of your session. When you make your reservation in iLab, please indicate “HEATED CHAMBER” in the “Events Notes”.

If you need longer time blocks:

  • Same day extensions of your reserved time can be made on a first-to-book basis if no one else is signed up. For instance, feel free to reserve more time if you realize, the day of your imaging session, that the instrument is available.
  • Longer reservation times between 9am-5pm M-F are also possible after obtaining permission from Dr. Le Marchand.
  • Outside 9 am-5 pm M-F, longer time blocks can be reserved on a first-to-book basis.


  • No-shows will be billed for full scheduled appointment time. Appointments more than 30 minutes late will be considered a no-show and that appointment will be forfeited to the first interested user.
  •    If you need to cancel your reservation, delete your reserved time at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours, please contact Dr. Le Marchand to justify your cancellation. Unjustified cancellations will be charged. Repeated cancellations should be avoided and the Bio-Imaging Center reserves the right to charge labs for canceled times.


  • The BioImaging Center is not responsible for longterm storage of user’s samples or supplies. For temporary storage of samples, users may use the designated areas in the 4°C refrigerator, lab grade -20°C, and -80°C in APB 141. All samples must be labeled with your name, date, lab, and contact information. Any unlabeled samples will be discarded.


Billing for University of Delaware facility, staff & students:

  • Users need to obtain a university billing code a.k.a. “Purpose Code” to schedule appointments. (Example: DBIO123456 – 1st four letters designate your department, followed by 6 numbers) This information can be obtained from your principal investigator or account administrator.

 Billing for External & Industrial Clients

  • Credit cards are the preferred payment for external and industrial users. If you are unable to pay by credit card, then a PO# is needed prior to scheduling appointments. Please contact Shelley Rust at strust@udel.edu or (302)-831-7137 for additional information.