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Molecular Probes - Seminars & Fluorescent Imaging Workshop

October 12-14, 2016

University of Delaware, Delaware Biotechnology Institute, 15 Innovation Way, Rooms 102 & 117, Newark, DE 19711

Learn new fluorescence microscopy labeling and detection techniques with the experts from Molecular Probes®.
Molecular Probes will be presenting seminars and holding hands on workshops in the Bioimaging Center from Oct. 12-14, 2016.  
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Who should attend - These courses are intended for those new to labeling cells or for researchers who just need a little help to improve techniques.

Event Type Title Date Time Event Details Registration
Seminars (Rm 102) -Practical Considerations in Fluorescence Imaging
-Live Cell Imaging & Automated Analysis
10/12/16 9:15-10:00
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Day 1* (Rm 117) Visualizing Cell Structure 10/12/16 11:15-5:30 Click here for details Click here to register for the workshop
Day 2* (Rm 117) Visualize and Quantify Cell Function 10/13/16 9:30-5:30
Day 3* (Rm 117) Immunocytochemistry: Labeling Strategies 10/14/16 9:30-5:30

Registration is required for the seminar and workshops. Please register by clicking on the corresponding link in the above table.

Participants may select up to 2 days of workshops to attend. Space is limited.

There is no cost for the seminars or workshop.  Workshop registration includes lunch, all materials needed for the laboratory sessions as well as a copy of all lecture slides, protocols, and many additional resources.  Travel, accommodations, and other incidental expenses relating to the workshop are the responsibility of the attendee.

If you have any questions regarding either the seminar or workshops please email Jeff Caplan, jcaplan@udel.edu or Debbie Powell, dpowell@udel.edu.