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[expand title=”Secondary Antibodies”]

Secondary AntibodyAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Biotinylated Goat anti-Mouse IgG10 ul$3.85
Donkey anti-Goat AlexaFluor 647 IgG10 ul$5.70
Donkey anti-Goat IgG ultrasmall gold conjugate1 ul$0.50
Donkey anti-Rabbit AlexaFluor 568 IgG F(ab')2 frag10 ul$10.10
Goat anti-Mouse AlexaFluor 488 IgG F(ab')2 frag.10 ul$8.00
Goat anti-Mouse AlexaFluor 568 IgG F(ab')2 frag.10 ul$8.00
Goat anti-Mouse AlexaFluor 647 IgG F(ab')2 frag.10 ul$8.00
Goat anti-Mouse IgG 10nm gold conjugate1 ul$0.30
Goat anti-Mouse IgG 6nm gold conjugate1 ul$0.30
Goat anti-Rabbit AlexaFluor 488 IgG F(ab')2 frag.10 ul$8.00
Goat anti-Rabbit AlexaFluor 568 IgG F(ab')2 frag.10 ul$8.00
Goat anti-Rabbit AlexaFluor 647 IgG F(ab')2 frag.10 ul$9.00
Goat anti-Rabbit IgG 10nm gold conjugate1 ul$0.30
Goat anti-Rabbit IgG 6nm gold conjugate1 ul$0.30
Goat anti-Rabbit IgG ultrasmall gold conjugate1 ul$0.50
Goat anti-Rat Alexa Fluor 488 IgG (H+L)10 ul$5.25
Goat anti-Rat Alexa Fluor 647 IgG (H+L), (10ul)10 ul$5.25
Goat anti-Rat IgG 10nm gold conjugate1 ul$0.30

[expand title=”Fluorescent Conjugates”]

Fluorescent ConjugateAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Alexa Fluor 488 Wheat Germ Agglutinin25µl1.90
Alexa Fluor 555 Phalloidin25µl$7.95
Alexa Fluor 633 Concanavalin A25µl$2.90
Alexa Fluor 647 Phalloidin25µl$7.95
Alexa Fluor 647 Wheat Germ AgglutininAlexa Fluor 647 Wheat Germ Agglutinin$1.90
Cholera Toxin Subunit B, Alexa Fluor 4885µl$13.25
Oregon Green 488 Phalloidin25µl$7.30
Streptavidin Alexa Fluor 48810µl$2.75

[expand title=”Primary Antibodies”]

Primary AntibodiesAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Mouse anti-B Catenin5µl$14.20
Rabbit anti-Choline Acetyltransferase (ChAT)Rabbit anti-Choline Acetyltransferase (ChAT)$40.20
Rabbit anti-FLAG Ab2µl$4.04
Rabbit anti-FLAG Ab5µl$10.10
Rabbit anti-GFP5µl$49.00
Sheep anti-tubulin5µl$5.00

[expand title=”Nuclear Counterstains”]

Nuclear CounterstainAliquot SizeCost per Unit
NucBlue Fixed Cell Stain (DAPI)Vial$22.75
NucBlue Live Cell Stain (Hoechst 33342)Vial$22.75
NucGreen Dead 488Vial$34.60
Propidium Iodide1µl$0.02/µl
SYTO 595µl$14.20

[expand title=”Fluorescent Stains”]

Fluorescent StainsAliquot SizeCost per Unit
BODIPY 500/510 C4, C920ul$11.50
Calcofluor White M2R10µl$0.02
CellTracker Deep Red50ug$18.25
CellTracker Green CMFDAVial$18.20
FM1-43FX (for plasma membrane)Vial$28.85
FM4-64FX (for plasma membrane)Vial$44.85
LIVE/DEAD Cell Imaging Kit (488/570)1ml$27.60
LysoTracker Green DND-2650ul$17.20
LysoTracker Red DND-9950ul$17.20
MitoTracker Deep Red FM50ug$17.25
MitoTracker Green FM50ug$17.25
ReadyProbes Cell Viability Imaging Kit, Blue/Green2.5ml$82.85
ReadyProbes Cell Viability Imaging Kit, Blue/Red2.5ml$82.85
SYPRO Orange50ul$29.45
Tubulin Tracker Green5ul$26.55

[expand title=”Mounting Media”]

Mounting MediaAliquot SizeCost per Unit
CFM-1 Plus1ml$8.60
Fluoro-Gel with DABCO1ml$4.25
Fluoro-Gel with Tris Buffer1ml$4.20
ProLong Diamond$49.00
ProLong Diamond w/DAPI$51.20
ProLong Gold$39.30
SlowFade Diamond$44.40
SlowFade Diamond w/DAPI$47.40

[expand title=”Immuno Reagents”]

Immuno ReagentAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Aurion BSA-c (acetylated BSA) 10% solution100µl$0.80
BackDrop Blue Background SuppressorVial$39.25
BackDrop Green Background SuppressorVial$39.25
BackDrop Red Background SuppressorVial$39.25
Block for Donkey Gold ConjugatesDrop$0.35
Block for Goat Gold ConjugatesDrop$0.35
Cold Water Fish Skin Gelatin 40% solution1µl$0.02

[expand title=”Immunoglobulins”]

ImmunoglobulinAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Goat IgG10µl $1.45
Human IgG10ul$1.85
Mouse IgG10µl $2.00
Rabbit IgG10µl$2.00
Rat IgG10µl $2.10
Sheep IgG10µl $1.45

[expand title=”Normal Sera”]

Normal SeraAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Normal Donkey Serum500µl$5.50
Normal Goat Serum500µl$5.50
Normal Rabbit Serum500µl$6.40
Normal Sheep Serum100µl$3.60

[expand title=”Fixatives”]

FixativesAliquot SizeCost per Unit
16% Paraformaldehyde10ml ampoule$5.50
25% Glutaraldehyde10ml ampoule$5.85
4% aqueous Osmium Tetroxide2ml ampoule$8.35
4% aqueous Osmium Tetroxide5 ml ampoule$16.50
8% Glutaraldehyde10ml ampoule$5.20
8% Glutaraldehyde2ml ampoule$4.60

[expand title=”Reagents”]

ReagentsAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Dulbecco's 1X PBS, no Ca+, no Mg+1 pkg to make 1L$6.30
Tris Buffered Saline, to make 1 literpkg$28.75
Tris Buffered Saline, powder (Fisher)1 pkg to make 500ml$9.20

[expand title=”LM and Confocal Supplies”]

LM and Confocal SuppliesAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Cardboard Slide Folders, 20 slide capacityeach$11.00
CryoJane slides, 1X adhesive coatingeach$3.60
DuraEdge Microtome Blade, High Profile, PTFE CoatedBox of 50$82.00
Fisherbrand Coverglass, 22X22mm #1.51 oz box$37.85
Fisherbrand Coverglass, 22X40mm #1.51 oz box$36.10
Fisherbrand Coverglass, 22X50mm #1.51 oz box$35.40
High Performance cover glass, 18X18mm, #1.5each$0.10
High Performance cover glass, 22X22mm, #1.5each$0.30
MatTek Glass Bottom Dishes, 35mm dish, 10mm insert, #1.5 thick.each$6.00
MatTek Glass Bottom Dishes, 50mm dish, 140mm insert, #1.5 thick.each$5.90
MatTek Glass Bottom Dishes, 6-well plateeach$21.00
Nail Polish, clear, fast dryingBottle$6.00
Nunc Lab-Tek II Chambered Coverglass - 1 welleach$12.45
Nunc Lab-Tek II Chambered Coverglass - 2 welleach$13.65
Nunc Lab-Tek II Chambered Coverglass - 4 welleach$15.15
Nunc Lab-Tek II Chambered Coverglass - 8 welleach$16.25
Secure Seal adhesive spacers, 1 well, 13mm diam., 0.12mm deepeach$1.65
Secure Seal adhesive spacers, 8 well, 9mm diam., 0.12mm deepeach$1.90
Slide Box, 100 slide capacityeach$11.95
Slide Box, 25 slide capacityeach$8.60
Superfrost Plus SlidesBox of 72$33.70

[expand title=”EM Prep Supplies”]

EM Prep SuppliesAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Carbon Coated Cu Grids, 400mesheach$2.35
Carbon Coated Ni Grids, 400 mesheach $2.60
Formvar/Carbon Coated Copper Grids, 100 mesh each$1.75
Formvar/Carbon Coated Copper Grids, 200 mesh each$1.85
Formvar/Carbon Coated Nickel Grids, 100 mesh each$2.00
Formvar/Carbon Coated Nickel Grids, 200 mesh each$1.95
Formvar/Carbon Coated Nickel Grids, 400 mesh each$1.95
ITO Coated Coverslips, 22 X 22mm, #1.5 thicknesseach$5.55
Lacey Carbon Cu Grids, 400 mesheach$3.20
Microporous specimen capsules, 30 µm (for CPD)each$3.20
Nunc low-profile plates, 72 welleach$2.45
Permanox dishes, 60mmeach$3.10
Rivets for cryoSEMeach$1.10
Silicon Chip Specimen Supportseach$0.55
Thermanox coverslips, 15mm roundeach$1.20
Thermanox coverslips, 22X60mmeach$1.20
Thermanox coverslips, 25mm roundeach$1.20

[expand title=”General Supplies”]

General SuppliesAliquot SizeCost per Unit
20 ml Scintillation Vialseach$0.65
Nunc 12-well culture plateseach$3.45
Nunc 24-well culture plateseach$3.75
Nunc 6-well culture plateseach$3.05

[expand title=”LCM Supplies”]

LCM SuppliesAliquot SizeCost per Unit
Adhesive Caps, (200ul clear)Each$4.36
Adhesive Caps, (200ul opaque)Each$4.36
Adhesive Caps, (500ul clear)Each$4.36
Adhesive Caps, (500ul opaque)Each$4.48
Lumox Dish, 35 - (hydrophilic)Each$17.60
Lumox Dish, 50 - (hydrophilic)Each$17.60
Membrane Ring, 35Each$22.40
Membrane Ring, 50Each$23.10
PEN Membrane slide, 0.17 Each$8.14
PEN Membrane slide, 1.0Each$5.03
PET Frame slide, 1.0Each$10.06
PET Membrane slide, 0.17 Each$8.14
PET Membrane slide, 1.0Each$6.10

[expand title=”HPF Supplies”]

HPF SuppliesAliquot SizeCost per Unit
FF Carriers, gold platedeach$4.35
FF Rings, gold platedeach$1.70
Flat Specimen Carrier, 1.2mm/200umeach$3.60
Flat Specimen Carrier, 1.2mm/400umeach$3.60
Flat Specimen Carrier, 1.5mm/200um each$3.60
Sapphire discs, 1.4mm diam.each$7.45