Richard West


Mr. Richard West

Specialty: Flow Cytometry, Cell Sorting

Associate Scientist

 Flow Cytometry Core

Center for Biomedical & Brain Imaging (CBBI), Room 244
Newark, DE 19711

Phone: 616-795-6928



My primary expertise is in multicolor flow cytometry and high speed cell sorting. I also have extensive experience in mammalian cell culture (primary, stem cells, cell lines) and hematology. I can provide guidance with all aspects of your experiments, including initial experimental design, sample preparation and technical assistance during flow cytometric acquisition and analysis. I can provide hands on training enabling walk-up usage of core facility instrumentation.


Research Interests

I am interested in the underlying mechanisms that lead to bone marrow failure disorders such as myelodysplastic syndromes, aplastic anemia and leukemia. I also study bone marrow microenvironment/niche with a focus on marrow stromal cells and hematopoiesis. I have worked extensively with immune function and regulation, murine models of leukemia, mouse tumor models, GVHD, hemoglobinopathies, macrophages and antigen presenting cells.


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