Instrument Ramp-Up Schedule

The main Bio-Imaging Center will be split between the Delaware Biotechnology Institute (DBI) and the AP Biopharma (APB) building on STAR campus. We were in the midst of a move when the University closed and that move has resumed with a deliberate intention to split the main Bio-Imaging Center between two spaces. We believe that this split of the Bio-Imaging Center will assist with maintaining social distancing and low research personnel density.  If you are in Phase 0-1, the majority of the Bio-Imaging Center will be ready for use June 8th with a couple of exceptions (bolded).

  1. APB Bio-Imaging Center: Most of the advanced light microscopes will be moved and installed in the new APB building in June.  This includes the AxioZoom (June 8th), Axioplan (June 8th), laser capture microdissection (June 8th), LSM 880 confocal (June 15th), LSM 710 confocal (June 15th), and Elyra PS1 super-resolution (June 29th).

  2. DBI Bio-Imaging Center: Only two light microscopes will be left at DBI, 15 Innovation Way.  The LSM5 DUO highspeed will be left there indefinitely and the developmental TIRF/single molecule microscope that’s used in conjunction with our Catalyst atomic force microscope will be moved late summer/fall. The two atomic force microscopes, the transmission electron microscope, and the two scanning electron microscopes will all remain at DBI with an anticipated move late summer/fall.

  3. Wolf Hall Satellite:  The LSM880 will be managed and operated by Dr. Sylvain Le Marchand. The instrument will be turned on and calibrated the week of June 1st and available as early as June 8th. The cryostat in Wolf Hall will most likely be moved to a safer location in Wolf Hall (TBD).

  4. Flow Cytometry Core: Access to all the equipment in the flow cytometry core facility located in the Center for Biomedical and Brain Imaging (CBBI) will be managed by Rich West. His systems have been on and maintained during the shutdown, and they should be available as early as June 8th.

  5. Multimodal Animal Imaging Core: This core facility is located in the same CBBI suite as the flow core. Dr. Chandran Sabanayagam will manage the LSM780 multiphoton confocal and Dr. Sylvain Le Marchand will manage the microCT and IVIS systems. These instruments should be available on June 8th.