Covid 19 Phase 1 Reopening

Access: The Bio-Imaging Center is currently open for COVID-19 research (Internal & external) and Phase 1 research (Internal UD only).  Please contact Jeff Caplan ( for access. UD’s return to research guidelines for access during different Phases can be found here.

Location and availability of instruments: The main Bio-Imaging Center will be split between the Delaware Biotechnology Institute (DBI) and the AP Biopharma (APB) building on STAR campus. We were in the midst of a move when the University closed and that move has resumed with a deliberate intention to split the main Bio-Imaging Center between two spaces. We believe that this split of the Bio-Imaging Center will assist with maintaining social distancing and low research personnel density.  If you are in Phase 0-1, the majority of the Bio-Imaging Center will be ready for use June 8th with a few exceptions.  Please see our Instrument Ramp-Up Timeline page.

Scheduling: Scheduling time on microscopes will continue in iLab. Shared Google Calendars have been set up to help maintain social distancing and to potentially assist with contact tracing.  They are publicly viewable below.

Building access: The DBI and AP Biopharma Bio-Imaging Centers are in buildings managed by DBI.  Please see DBI’s COVID-19 response page for guidelines, health-checks, and contact info for building level related questions.

Bio-Imaging Orientation Before Use: We will have a quick zoom meeting with all groups in Phase 1 to review your imaging needs, research timelines, and of course, safety. You are welcome to review the Bio-Imaging Center Orientation/training slides prior to our meeting.