Super-Resolution Microscopy

Zeiss Elyra PS1 Super-Resolution Microscope

The Zeiss Elyra PS 1 is a super-resolution microscope capable of acquiring images at a resolution 2-10 times greater than conventional light microscopy through SIM (structured illumination microscopy) or PALM (photoactivated localization microscopy). Super-resolution microscopy is able to break the diffraction barrier that limits resolution in conventional light microscopy by employing a number of “optical tricks”. In SIM, a pattern is projected onto the image, and algorithms are used to extract high resolution data from the resulting Moiré fringes. In contrast, PALM utilizes specific fluorophores that can be repeatedly driven into and out of a dark state. By forcing the fluorophores to blink, images of single molecules can be acquired, and the centers of their point spread functions can be more precisely localized, resulting in higher resolution data.