Bruker Demo

Bruker Opterra II Multipoint Scanning Confocal Demo

Dates: Feb. 15-23

Location: Delaware Biotechnology Institute BioImaging Center


The Opterra II swept-field confocal microscope utilizes proprietary one-dimensional pinhole array technology to combine the resolution of traditional confocal systems with the speed typically associated with wide-field imaging. 


With its short acquisition times and cell-protecting minimization of photobleaching and phototoxicity, Opterra II is ideal for advanced live-cell imaging.

For more information about the Bruker Opterra II, please visit the Bruker website here.

Check out the Opterra-II-Multipoint-Scanning-Confocal product brochure.

If you are interested in using the microscope to run your samples, please contact Jeffrey Caplan ( or Michael Moore (